The Second Thuy nga Anniversary Award 2007 is coming in November. More awards, more votes and more fun!

First Award Winner – 2006

Best Female Artist – Minh Tuyet
[Da Khong Yeu Thi Thoi]

Best Male Artist – Luong Tung Quang
[Dem Mau Hong]

Most Fav. Veteran – Nhu Quynh

Best Couple – Duong Trieu Vu & Van Quynh
[Di Vang Em Dem]

Best Group – Bao Han, Nhu Loan & Tu Quyen
[Xuan Ve Tren Moi Em]

Best Comedian Skit – Kieu Oanh & Le Tin
[Trung So Doc Dac]

Best Music Video – Minh Tuyet
[Dung Xa Em Nhe]

Best Opening Song – Nhu Quynh, Minh Tuyet, Ha Phuong & Ha Vy
[Khuc Hat An Tinh]

Best CD – Bang Kieu & Minh Tuyet
[Boi Vi Anh Yeu Em]

Best Show – PBN 83
[Nhung Khuc Hat An Tinh]

Voted as Top Ten Fav. Singer

1. Luong Tung Quang
2. Tam Doan
3. Minh Tuyet
4. Nhu Quynh
5. Nhu Loan
6. Bao Han
7. Ngoc Lien
8. Bang Kieu
9. Tran Thai Hoa
10 Tu Quyen


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  1. DocNgu said,

    Hello PBN,
    I like your reviews on singers.

    IDo you review poetry? Please check out Doc Ngu’s blog.
    Doc Ngu

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