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1. Lien Khuc Thoi : Bang Kieu, The Son, Minh Tuyet, and Ngoc Lien
(Thoi , Tinh Nong Chay, Hoang Vang, Chia Khoa Tinh yeu, Mot Mai Em Di, Tinh Mong, Tron Kiep Kiep Don Coi, Hoi Nguoi Tinh, Yeu Em Bang Ca Trai Tim, Mua Thu Trong, Mua, Dang Em, Dau Tinh Sau, Diem Xua, Bai Tinh Ca Cho Em, Xin Lam Nguoi Tinh Co Don)

The beginning of the lien khuc started off with a dramatic and intense beat and when Bang Kieu started to sing I was quite disappointed at the song choice because I was expecting so much more; however, when The Son continues I started to like it. The lien khuc continues with tremendous song with great lyrics. Having these four singers to sing was great because you have Bang Kieu and Minh Tuyet taking the high pitch range while The Son and Ngoc Lien dominated the low pitch. I was quite surprise how much I like ‘Tinh Mong’ in this ensemble of songs because I was never too fond of the song when Ngoc Lien sang it solo. The person that shine the most in this song to me have to be Bang Kieu – I don’t know if it’s his voice or because he had all the best part to shine which make his voice stand out. Usually Minh Tuyet would outshine everyone; however, she didn’t stand out too much for me – I’m not saying she sounded bad just not at her best. The Son also did a great job and I thought his best vocal part was during ‘Dang Em’. He sounded amazing and professional – I’ve never enjoy his voice, but I must admit that he sounded decent during these pieces. Even if I dislike Ngoc Lien I must admit she didn’t sound all that bad. Recently she have step up her game and sound quite well. Hope she continues to improve in the future.

2. Lien Khuc Trai Dang : Luong Tung Quang, Ngoc Lien, and Ho Le Thu
(Trai Dang, Xin Danh Tron Cho Em, Van La Anh, Nua Vong Tay Lanh, Tinh Ngo Tram Nam, Noi Dau Nguoi De Lai, Yeu Mai Ngan Nam)

The start of the song was done well, but not my favorite. Luong Tung Quang has always sounded great and still does in this lien khuc. I was quite disappointed that he only had one song to sing. I was extremely surprise to see how their voices match so well. We have seen the Luong Tung Quang – Ngoc Lien and the Luong Tung Quang – Ho Le Thu pair and they sound great together. Now having them trio it was even better. ‘Nua Vong Tay Lanh’ didn’t match well with the rest of the songs, but somehow it fits. Overall, I thought all three did a great job with the lien khuc.

3. Lien Khuc Vang Trang Co Don : The Son, Minh Tuyet, and Van Quynh
(Vang Trang Co Don, Hoa Tim Ngay Xua, Tha Lam Hat Mua Bay, Boi Vi Anh Yeu Em, Vang Trang Khoc, Vang Trang Dem Troi)

I love the beginning song where Minh Tuyet and The Son duet; they sounded phenomenal together. ‘Hoa Tim Ngay Xua’ was not one of the best selected songs, but I think Minh Tuyet’s voice sounded so sweet and innocent. When The Son continues with ‘Tha Lam Hat Mua Bay’ I now truly appreciated The Son voice. The song matches and shows how excellent his voice is. Minh Tuyet still sounds exquisite during ‘Boi Vi Anh Yeu Em’; however, the trio ruined the song for me. The song is known for high range artist such as Minh Tuyet and Bang Kieu – for a low range singers like The Son and Van Quynh made the song horrible. Minh Tuyet sounded marvelous in ‘Vang Trang Khoc’ even in a short time she made the song her own. I recommend her to find her a male co star and sing that song because she sounds amazing. The song matches her voice magnificently. I don’t know what more to say about Minh Tuyet and ‘Vang Trang Dem Troi’ but that I love her singing the song. Until that one person can sound better then her then I can accept them singing it. Overall, Minh Tuyet sounded superb in this lien khuc – out of the three I think Minh Tuyet did her best here. The Son also sounded better then he already did in this lien khuc. The only disappointment for me was Van Quynh because I was expecting so much from her – I think it was the song choice; Van Quynh doesn’t usually sing these types of songs.

4. Lien Khuc Vi Do Lam Em : Bang Kieu, Duong Trieu Vu, Minh Tuyet, and Ho Le Thu
(Tron Kiep Binh Yen, Con Tim Dai Kho , Vi Do La Em, Anh Thi Khong, Mac Ke Toi, Uoc Gi)

The beginning was phenomenal with the wonderful duet, Bang Kieu and Minh Tuyet. Sounding romantic and graceful together – no wonder why their duet CD was such a big hit. They continue to impress me as the song continues – officially my favorite song. Even though I like Ho Le Thu singing ‘Con Tim Dai Kho’ I like it being sung by Luong Tung Quang and Tu Quyen much more; not that I’m a huge fan of both, but they sounded better then Duong Trieu Vu and Ho Le Thu. None the less I still like it being part of the lien khuc. The background voice during ‘Anh Thi Khong’ was annoying to hear because it sounds weird and irritating. Minh Tuyet once again manages to steal the spotlight with her demanding voice. Bang Kieu also did a magnificent job, but I still like him in the first one better. I was disappointed with both Ho Le Thu and Duong Trieu Vu because they both have such strong voices and for them to sound that weak – quite frustrated; however, Ho Le Thu sounded much better during the ending half of the lien khuc, but Duong Trieu Vu continues to be overshadowed.

Overall, I think this CD was done quite well – I enjoy it extremely. The songs choice was phenomenal and matches some singers nicely. I don’t have a favorite because both the first and forth were both extremely enjoyable. Both of the lien khuc had uniqueness and excitement to it. Bang Kieu, Minh Tuyet, and The Son did a superb job with their session during the songs. The two disappointments were Van Quynh and Duong Trieu Vu they both didn’t exceed during their parts. I guess it’s because they didn’t have enough parts for them to shine. Luong Tung Quang, Ho Le Thu, and Ngoc Lien had ups and downs – they sounded great at times and not so good at times. However, I still recommend you this CD if you’re a huge fan of Bang Kieu, Minh Tuyet, and The Son because they all did an excellent job.


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