analyzing song no. 4

J000000Wednesday07 28, 2007 at 4:11 p07 (Analyzing song, Huong Giang)

Mot Minh by Huong Giang
(Paris By Night 88 – Lam Phuong Duong Ve Que Huong)

English Translation

Waking up in the early dawn of morning;
looking around I see myself alone.
Outside the sun is blinding causingthe patches of birds to jerks.
Speaking of my sorrow who can
hear my grief and thoughts?

The lights shine through the leaves,
the fruits leave the stem of the tree.
Life is too short, why speak of my life.
The ray of the sun suddenly diminishes.

The path from the past is forgotten,
the lies you had to carries.
The fate of love is endless,
one love life is worthy enough.

Keep searching, for that love.
How longer until my hair turns gray?
How long until we meet and
we look dreamingly at each other.
Then what else can we offer each other?

Morning, afternoon, night I’m lonely.
The familiar path I won’t take;
looking at you is quite awkward –
because in my life I haven’t found my paradise.

Analyzing the song:
This song speaks about the life of songs writer, Lam Phuong, after getting old. After written so many amazing masterpieces Lam Phuong is obviously happy about the success of his music, but he wakes up every morning alone. The only friends and person/things he could chat and talk to are his birds that he own which I think is very sad. He wishes and longs for a happy family where he can love and cherish, but because of his love for music he had abandon his personal love life; leaving it to his next life.

I thought that the song was so simple yet dramatically beautiful. It’s more than just a song it’s about Lam Phuong and his life – a poem or a biography. This was one of his best works because of the fascinating lyrics and the story it carries within. It also teaches you life moral; to live life and cherish everyone around you before you turn old because times flies. Picking this song to end the show of PBN 88 was a great idea because it’s represent and speaks up of Lam Phuong’s life. As for the singer, Huong Giang, I thought she did a tremendous job with the song because she has such a strong and demanding voice. More of the song review here.


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