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1. Doan Nguoi Lu Thu – The Son, Tran Thai Hoa, Luong Tung Quang, Duong Trieu Vu, Trinh Lam, Huy Tam, Tam Doan, Huong Thuy, Ngoc Lien, Ngoc Loan, Quynh Vi, and Huong Giang

When the six gorgeous ladies walk out onto the stage with their multi color traditional dresses it made the stage look so beautiful and energetic. Adding with 6 more handsome male in tuxedo, it made the stage even more beautiful as it was already was. The song was exciting and beautifully written by composer, Lam Phuong. From the lyrics to the music to the singers the song was just perfect for an opening because it had excitement and fun while shows off Lam Phuong’s ability to write a song. Overall, I thought this was one of Thuy Nga’s best openings even if it wasn’t as grand or choreograph.

2. Kiep Ngheo – Y Lan

I was never a fan of Y Lan or her music, but I have to say that this song was excellent both deliver by Lam Phuong’s lyrics and Y Lan’s voice. If you listen to the lyrics closely it’s a very emotional and sad song from the heart of Lam Phuong. The tango yet traditional feeling of the song was unbelievable enjoyable and easy to listen to what ever generation you are.

3. Thanh Pho Buon & Tinh Nhu May Khoi – Che Linh and Mai Quoc Huy

Che Linh owns this song from the first time he sang this song and no matter how many other singers tries to sing this song will fail to overcome Che Linh’s ability to outshine this song. His voice was just extravagant and perfect for this song because it brought the sadness and sorrow of the song while show off the beautiful city. When I first saw Mai Quoc Huy in PBN 84 I didn’t like his voice or his style of singing at all, but this song change it all. His raspy voice is intruding to listen to and it’s great to find more of these types of singers because they’re disappearing in the Viet music industry.

4. Tien Nguoi Di – Huong Lan

There is no need to talk about Huong Lan’s ability to sing because her voice is now one of the best – she has the ability to hit every note of any song perfectly. Huong Lan can make any song sang by anyone into a different song because of her voice and style. She puts her whole self and emotions into the song. With Lam Phuong’s music it was even better because the lyrics itself is very emotional and grand.

5. Buc Tam Thu – Nhu Loan and Ngoc Loan

This song looks and sounds so innocent and cute with Ngoc Loan and Nhu Loan in their sweet white ‘ao dai’. I have to agree with most of everyone thoughts that Nhu Loan was too weak and childish for this song, but I thought it was great because this was a soft and sweet song. And for someone to sing this wouldn’t be as good because it doesn’t have that soft and innocent sound.

6. Chieu Tan – Hoang Oanh

The lyric of the song talks about the peacefulness of the sunset and the beautiful ocean. Hoang Oanh delivered the song at her best and I thought that it was an ok song. I would have wish that Hoang Oanh sing a different song, but nothing the less it was still a good song.

7. Biet Den Bao Gio & Dem Tien Don – Manh Quynh and Truong Vu

I love how Manh Quynh has the ability to take all his emotions and places into the song. It makes the song much more compatible to even if you were not in that situation. However, you still feel and pity the devastating story. His voice is very original and his style of singing is extraordinary because it’s fresh and new. Overall, I enjoyed both of the song from the lyrics to the singers.

8. Ngay hanh Phuc – Tam Doan, Huong Thuy, Minh Tuyet, and Ngoc Lien

The song looks and song so exciting and festive on stage with four beautiful and talented singer dancing in their simple yet elegant white ‘ao dai’. The dancers dancing in the back just made the song more fun and interesting to watch. The more you watch the song your mouth just smirk up a smile and keep you smiling. It was just a great entertaining and fun song to watch and listen to.

9. Nghen Ngao – Khanh Ha

Khanh Ha’s vocals excel and accelerate to the top of any note or the bottom of any low note. That’s why her voice is one of the best now a day. With the great vocals come a controller and Khanh Ha also dominate the ability to control her voice. The violin and the crystal backdrop made the song devastating romantic.

10. Phut Cuoi – Bang Kieu

When Bang Kieu hit the first note the crowd went wild because we all know that this is one of Lam Phuong most recognize song throughout all of his excellent and emotion songs. Bang Kieu did an amazing job bringing the lyrics and emotions together to produce an absolutely fascinating song.

11. Em Di Roi – Hoa Mi

Because I’m so young I have never heard her first debut version in PBN 06, but taking from a young perfective you have to admit that her voice is tremendous and demanding. If you would close your eyes to listen to the song you could take in all the emotions and feelings putting into the song and singer itself.

12. Nhac Kich: Chuyen Tinh Thoi Chinh Chien (Ngay Tam Biet, Khoc Tham, Chieu Hoang Vang, Con Tau Dinh Menh, Mat & Vinh Biet Nguoi Tinh) – Nhu Quynh, The Son and Luong Tung Quang, Trinh Lam, Huy Tam, and Quynh Vi

Ngay Tam Biet – The Son and Nhu Quynh

I thought the song was so sweet and innocent yet sad that they have to separate their ways. The white wore between both party shows the innocence and peaceful before the war happen. It was very sad seeing their hands separate and un touch like a couple being cut into two.

Khoc Tham – Nhu Quynh

The video of Nhu Quynh and The Son together in the back screen shows you how sad Nhu Quynh was remembering her love one. Nhu Quynh sounded extremely great – like always – you can see and feel the sadness and emotions in Nhu Quynh’s eyes as much as you can hear it in her voice.

Chieu Hoang Vang – The Son

The graphics and representation of the war gave by The Son struck emotions from inside me that I have never gotten before. I’m too young to know or feel any about the war and hardship about our country. The Son delivered a very realistic performance with remembering his love ones.

Con Tau Dinh Menh – The Son, Luong Tung Quang, Trinh Lam, Huy Tam and Quynh Vi

Hearing the sound of the radio must have been devastating for the citizens of Vietnam. Seeing peoples running and falling on stage was tear dropping and jaw dropping. Imagine that with thousands more. It must have been a harsh period in time for our ancestor and grandparents.

Mat – The Son and Nhu Quynh

The song was tragically romantic with Nhu Quynh loosing both her beloved country and love one. When the two touch hand it was a representation of their soul touching and being together even when they are miles away.

Vinh Biet Nguoi Tinh – The Son and Nhu Quynh

From the sound effect to the visuals it sound and looks so real and realistic. It was so hard seeing Nhu Quynh and many other die and the old lady crying her heart out. Tears just drop from your eye even if you try to old it in. Their love story is so tragic and emotional; it’s quite hard to watch because it brings up so many emotions.

Overall, I thought this was one of the best songs in the whole DVD because it had perfect timing, was choreographic perfectly, and perform extremely well by both Nhu Quynh and The Son. I felt every emotion from peacefulness to sadness to grieve and even a sense of being happy.

13. Chuyen Do Vy Tuyen – Tam Doan

Another typical Tam Doan song, but this time is was different because it was a song composed by Lam Phuong. Tam Doan deliver another great song vocal wise as well as lyrics. I must say that Tam Doan look so beautiful in the blue ‘ao dai’ added with the blue background and picture.

14. Duong Ve Que Huong – Quang Le

This song is also the theme and core of the DVD and I was anticipating the song because it’s one of Lam Phuong best piece of art. Vocals wise Quang Le dominated and excels, but stage presence it was quite hard to watch because of his lack of eye contact. However, I still thought his voice is extraordinary for the song.

15. Nang Dep Mien Nam. Khuc Ca Ngay Mua – Ha Phuong and Huong Thuy

Ha Phuong and the dancers costume were so elegant and beautiful adding with the dancers throwing pink pedals were so festive and fun. Huong Thuy and the dancers outfit show how fun and innocent the peoples in the country have. I can’t help but smile at the gorgeous scene from both performances. Overall, both were very fun and exciting to watch.

16. Hai Kich: Lam – Hoai Linh and Chi Tai

The comedy was very funny and entertaining. When Hoai Linh acts as a girl you know it will be very funny. His facial expression is very well done and priceless. The ID incident was very smart and funny. However, I must say his explanation of the days of the week was hilarious and so funny. I especially love the way they change up chief cook.

17. Say and Lam – Duong Trieu Vu and Trinh Lam

Even though I love Duong Trieu Vu’s voice I have to admit that he didn’t make the song his own. His voice is indeed strong, but it wasn’t right for the song. I would rather have another person sing this song. The first line sang by Trinh Lam is very famous and known by almost everyone that knows Lam Phuong’s music. Trinh Lam did an excellent job with his part. However, when Duong Trieu Vu sang with him it got much better because they both similar voices. I rather have Duong Trieu Vu sing this song rather then ‘Say’.

18. Cho Em Quen Tuoi Ngoc – Bach Yen and Tran Thu Ha

French is supposed to be romantic and dreamy which Bach Yen did an extremely well doing. Even though I have never heard her sing before I must admit that her voice is unique and different from others. When Tran Thu Ha sang the Viet version of the song you can hear that it’s indeed a bittersweet romantic song. Tran Thu Ha is younger then Bach Yen, but still manage to sound equally professional vocally.

19. Ngay Em Di – Nguyen Hung

Nguyen Huong owned the stage and dance floor respectably. His stage presence is so enthusiastic and fun to watch, but never forget his vocals because it’s no where behind his ability to make a song fun to watch. Lyrics wise I say this is also one of my favorites from Lam Phuong.

20. LK: Thien Dang Ai An, Chi Co Em, and Tinh Van Chua Yen – Bao Han, Thuy Tien, and Luong Tung Quang

Bao Han look sizzling hot as a blonde and the Moulin Rough purple outfit. This song has been performed by numerous singers and I must say Bao Han did very well. Thuy Tien looks classy and elegant in the blue ruffle dress and the male dancers in tuxedo. The song is once again very well performed. Luong Tung Quang took this song and made it his own which made me want him to sing the whole song by himself. None the less I love the mix between the three singers. The stage was so beautiful and colorful adding with the sharp and fun choreography.

21. LK: Tram Nho Ngan Thuong and Tinh Bo Vo – Tran Thai Hoa and Ngoc Lien

The jazz and soothing melody was both romantic in both songs. Both of their voice matches and blended well together because it’s both so low and unique. The second son is a bit faster yet still very soothing and romantic. The lyrics in both songs were so unique and dreamy written by Lam Phuong.

22. Bao Tango Cho Em – Khanh Ly

Queen of tango indeed Khanh Ly’s voice is perfect for this song because it has that unique ‘it’ thing about it that fit. Adding with Tuan Hung and Thuy Van dancing in the background adds more romance and sophistication to the already great song.

23. Mua Thu Yeu Duong – Huy Tam and Quynh Vi

They look like they had a lot of fun on stage which is very easy to watch. Paris is known as the city of love and for them to sing about it as a couple was very romantic. Quynh Vi’s voice is very strong for a singer that have only been in the industry not even a year yet so I congratulate her as for Huy Tam, his voice is quite different yet good, but what I like about him that is he have great stage presence and is so free spirit.

24. Cho Nguoi – Bang Kieu and Tran Thu Ha

Another romantic and beautiful song delivered by Bang Kieu and Tran Thu Ha. When the song starts off it had Tran Thu Ha and a musician with a guitar then it changes to Bang Kieu and a piano; both represents romance and love. Their voices are so strong and demanding which work perfectly.

25. Minh Mat Nhau Bao Gio – Minh Tuyet

It was surprising for Minh Tuyet to turn around on the side because it looks so much like Minh Tuyet dancing at the beginning. As for the song it’s very easy and fun to hear. Great job Shanda for the choreography of song because it was so fun and exciting to watch. The dances were simple yet very sophisticated and alluring.

26. Mot Minh – Huong Giang

It was so sad for the show to come to an end and having this song to end it was perfect because it shows the happiness and success of Lam Phuong music, while shows the sadness and sense of being alone. It looks so heart throbbing as Lam Phuong wakes up alone and dreaming of a family. I can’t but feel pity and sad for him. The song also teaches you to live your life because time passes by very quickly. Huong Giang looks so elegant and beautiful in a innocent white and light blue ‘ao dai’. Her voice is so strong yet has a weak and innocent feeling which represents the song and Lam Phuong perfectly.

Overall, the DVD was extremely enjoyable and fun to watch. Lam Phuong ability to write and compose songs are so admiring and loved by everyone. I applause and clap for him loudly for his music and wish the best for his health so he can compose more amazing and emotional songs. I highly recommended this DVD because it’s a great collection to your PBN stack while teaches you a lesson of treasuring your love ones and yourself.

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