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1. Tim Anh Troi Ve Em

The song started out as a ballad and suddenly it turn into a cha-cha-cha type of song which caught me by surprise. Maybe it’s a sign that this CD might be more then what I would expect. The song was enjoyable, but I can’t say that it would be a long time favorite type of song. However, I love the music and beat to the song because it has a tropical feeling and mood to it.

2. Nho

Quang Dung’s voice is at its best in a ballad because it elaborates his extravagant voice to the top. The song it self wasn’t not bad either – it had that romantic and dreamy feeling when listening to the song. Once again the music and beats were so relaxing and interesting!

3. Dem Huyen Dieu

The music and tone once again made me a fan of the song because it had that jazz mood to it and I love jazz. If you ever doubt Quang Dung’s voice then go grab yourself a copy of this CD and listen to this song. You will then realize that his is extremely strong and incredible.

4. Lo Yeu Em Roi

The music at the beginning arouses romance and enchantment into the ears of the listener. This song is one of my favorite songs of the whole CD because it’s fascinating to listen to both the lyrics and Quang Dung’s voice.

5. Da Khuc

When the song started out I was intrigue by the beating drums, but was disappointed by the song. Quang Dung’s voice once again was great; however, I didn’t enjoy the song much.

6. Khi

This was my most anticipated song of the whole CD because it’s the title. I was very disappointed at the beginning of the song, but as the song progresses I grew to like the song. One of the reasons was Quang Dung’s voice – he can manage to make any boring song sound tremendous.

7. Trong Giac Mo Em

Another dreamy and romantic song sung by Quang Dung, but I didn’t thought it was as excellent as the other songs. I didn’t enjoy the beat and music. However, Quang Dung still had a brilliant voice.

8. Tieng Song

This song is techno with a bit of upbeat ballad, but once again I didn’t enjoy the song. The loud music, background vocals and sound effects overshadow and stood out – not in a good way though. If they had less sound effects and echo the song would be much more enjoyable.

9. Phia Toi Nam Hon Toi

For some reason every song that starts out with the thunderstorm and rain would turn out to be a great song or at least decent. However, in this case I didn’t enjoy this song – maybe because it was too slow.

10. Coi Mo Diu Em

I absolutely love this song because it was soft and easy to listen to. This is one of my other favorite songs of this CD. Even in a mellow song Quang Dung still manage to make it sound strong and sophisticated.

11. Tinh

I wish that they didn’t make this slow and romantic feeling song to a fast beat and hip song because it doesn’t sound as great. When Loan Chau sang this song in PBN 73 in a sizzling lien khuc with Nhu Loan and Minh Tuyet I thought the song was so great, but it totally ruined after hearing this version. However, Quang Dung’s voice still sound great even if the song didn’t.

Overall: I thought the CD was a great new collection to all Ballads lover because this CD include some of the most romantic and extravagant songs. Therefore I highly recommend this CD to all the ballads lovers even if there are some fast beat songs and techno. However, it’s still worth your money because Quang Dung’s voice will not deceive and disappoints you.


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  1. Quynie said,

    I have to agree with you, Quang Dung has a voice which can make any boring song sound beautiful. Not my favorite album of him though.

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