thuy nga showdown no. 10

J000000Wednesday07 28, 2007 at 4:11 p07 (Showdown, wishes)

In the spirit of Independence Day I would like to wish everyone a great fireworks watching and family day! Remember not to get to wild or drunk today – stay safe and mostly of all have a blast with your family and friends.

Also I have been thinking about the showdown and have decided to change and spice it up a bit. Comparing singers gets quite boring at times because there are not enough Thuy Nga singers to compare. Therefore, it will now be compare between stuff such as: Best fashion show, best tear dropper, ect. There can also be comparison between two artists, but only once or twice a year. The showdown will be featuring all Thuy Nga DVD, CD, ect. from the year before meaning this year will feature PBN 80-84.

Best Fashion Show

Almost once a year Thuy Nga will have a fashion show including some of their hottest and sexiest female singers. It sizzle with fabulous dresses and gowns of all different colors and style. In the year of 2006 Paris by Night made 3 run way for three different and unique fashion show and you’re here to decide which one is your favorite.

1. LK: Xuan Vui Ca & Chuc Mung Xuan (PBN 80)

This fashion show Thuy Nga shows off ten traditional dresses of different colors – mostly happy and cheerful colors. I thought that the fabrics of the dresses were smooth and nice looking. My favorite among the ten was Bao Han’s orange spilt on the arm because the color was perfect for New Year it just stands out to me.

2. Sao Em No Voi Lay Chong (PBN 84)

Eight gorgeous singers walk on stage with eight fabulous traditional dresses, but this time a more sophisticate style – it was more of wedding dresses. This show was my favorite among the three from last year because it was so unique and beautiful to watch. My favorite was Ngoc Lien’s bright red dress because it shows sophistication and it’s classy.

3. Nhung Buoc Chan Am Tham (PBN 84)

This fashion show showcased all of Calvin Hiep new dresses – there were great looking one and there were not so great. However, it was still interesting and beautiful side by side. I thought that some of the dresses look too simple so I didn’t like this fashion as much.

So which fashion show was your favorite among the three gorgeous shows with talented singers? Vote and have fun!


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