analyzing song no. 3

J000000Monday07 28, 2007 at 4:11 p07 (Analyzing song, Tu Quyen)

Con Lai Nho Thuong by Tu Quyen
(Paris By Night 87 – Talent Show Final)

English Translation

Listening to the weary night
makes all the worries disappear;
when the night has no colors.
When you arrive you bring the light;
so bright it makes my nightmare dreamy.
My hearts aches when you are far.
My soul is disaster when you lie.

Seeing you with another woman
and here I am alone – hurts badly;
my love – like the past.

Wo Ai Ni, I love you.
Wo Ai Ni, I need you.

It hits me now that I have no more hope.
Our love has vanished with the glow.

Now you are in love with someone
else like you were in love with me.
Sour or spicy I’m now blind by the fog.

My love, I love you.
My love, I need you.

It hits me now that I have no more hope.
Our love has vanished with the glow.

Analyzing the song
Basically this song talks about a girl mesmerizing and thinking about her love in the dark weary night – remembering how her loves brought happiness and sun shine to her darkest hours of her life. Her soul and heart is dedicated to this love; even the slightest mistake would break and destroy her life. Now she sees her love with another person kills and hurts her to the heart and soul. Blind by the love she wishes and pray for the love to glow and maybe one day he would come back by her side. However, she now realizes that their love had die and vanish just like the sun after sunset.

This is one of my favorite songs sung by Tu Quyen because it matches the low sexy tone of her well. When I first heard her sang live I thought she sounded magnificent in real life and for me to once again listen to her sound equally beautiful – maybe even better – it makes me love her as a singer even more. The song ended the Talent Show Finale and I must say I couldn’t be happier because the song was unique, enjoyable, and just fun to listen to. Even though Tu Quyen is not the best singer out there, but I recommend the wannabes singers to listen, watch, and learn the way she present herself – she’s so loveable and sweet on and off screen which is also one of the reason so many fans loves her.


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