news strip no.1

J000000Sunday07 28, 2007 at 4:11 p07 (news strip, Thanh Ha, The Son)

Warning: The following post is not meant to be read by hypersensitive fans. The entire post is purely satirical. If you have a sense of humor and wish to laugh, read on. The following doesn’t in any way shape or form represent my true feelings regarding any of the artists. It is all in good fun! Please do not take it too seriously. You’ve been warned. Do not read if you can’t handle it!

News Strip No. 1 featuring The Son and Thanh Ha
[Paris By Night 82 : Lien Khuc Chieu Mua Ky Niem & Roi Mai Toi Dua Em]

Thoughts: Personally I don’t think Thanh Ha would be so arrogant that she would go out in public and stirs up problem to ruin her reputation just for some CDs. However, there was an eye witness that saw the singer use foul language, but never mentioned once about the slap from the singer. Thanh Ha is known to be a straightforward and hot temper person so there is a slight possibility that she could’ve hit the owner, but then something must have arouse her to strike. Now the owner of the shop has file a law suit against the singer. Therefore questions are brought up about this whole incident. Did Thanh Ha just want the owed CDs? Did the owner of the shop send Thanh Ha’s husband sexy pictures? Was there ever a slap?

So what did you think happened and do you believe that a singer who are suppose to be role-models like Thanh Ha would do such a thing? Speak your mind and tell me what you think.

Credits: Viet accent for the story.


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