nhu quynh – ao hoa review part 2

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15. Mua Hoa Ky Niem
This is another great song sang by Nhu Quynh – she manage to sound sexy and sassy at the same time. The song has a traditional feeling adding with a soldier type of music sound. When a soldier type of sound is sang; it’s very romantic and dreamy. Great start into the second half of the CD.

16. Mua Dem Ngoai O
Before even listening to the song from the beautiful title you would have already knew that the song would be a soft and romantic song. Indeed the song was extremely relaxing and calm to listen to. Nhu Quynh’s voice sound so soft, calm, and musing which make me love her voice even more.

17. Hoa Trinh Nu
I’ve heard this song sang by many other artists and I must admit that this version sang by Nhu Quynh is my favorite. Mainly because it’s sang by Nhu Quynh because her voice is so grand and soothing which make the song better then it already is. Also I really like the song because it tells and describe a story.

18. Pho Dem [ft. Truong Vu]
I love this song in Paris by Night 84 and is still in love with this duet and song after listening to it on this CD. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that Nhu Quynh and Truong Vu are both amazing singer and adding them together you have a supreme duet. After having such great singer adding in such a grand song – what else would you want?

19. Neu Xuan Nay Vang Anh
Everyone should recognize this song by the title because Minh Tuyet has recently sung this song in Paris by Night 85. Even though I think Nhu Quynh did a great job putting a different uniqueness into the song, I have to say that Minh Tuyet’s version was much more enjoyable and exciting. If Nhu Quynh sang the song a bit faster then the song would be much more amusing. However, I think Nhu Quynh still did a great job making the song her own putting a bit of country into the song.

20. Giac Ngu Co Don
From the start I could tell that this would be a dismal and gloomy sad and indeed it was. However, I was only half right because it was not entirely sad, but there were romance in the song. Once again Nhu Quynh manage to make another song sang by others her own.

21. Ao Hoa [ft. Quang Le]
Who doesn’t remember Ao Hoa by Nhu Quynh and Quang Le from Paris by Night 84? When I was first watching PBN I thought the pairing was quite odd because Nhu Quynh was much older and more mature. However, I was wrong because they look decent and they sounded fantastic together.

22. Vong Co Buon
Not one of my favorite song of the CD, but I still thought Nhu Quynh did an extreme job because the song was quite hard to sing. However, Nhu Quynh still manages to nail the song from high to low notes. Even if Nhu Quynh did an excellent job I still couldn’t force myself to like the song.

23. Ke Chuyen Trong Dem [ft. Truong Vu]
What else can I say about Nhu Quynh and Truong Vu, but that I love this duet? Their voice matches so well together and they sound fantastic. However, this song is not one of my favorite of the two, but it was a well done song.

24. Vong Gac Dem Suong
Nhu Quynh’s voice sound so strong and amazing in this song. Her vibrato is breathtaking and it makes the song sound much better then it already is. Another great song from the CD and I enjoy it very much.

25. Ngoai O Den Vang
The song sounded very pop at the beginning which was quite fresh for Nhu Quynh, but then it turn into a pop country type of song. It was quite new and refreshing to hear something new out of Nhu Quynh in this CD because throughout the CD you only hear country or ballad. One of my favorite songs from the CD because not just that it was different, but it’s great to listen to and Nhu Quynh sounds so fun and hype.

Overall: I thought the CD was delivered magnificently by Nhu Quynh and her guest artistes. Between the two disks I would say I enjoyed the second disk much more because it had more new and fresh sound while the first had old song, but it’s not bad either. There were a few songs that I didn’t quite enjoy, but mainly I enjoy listening to the CD a lot. Therefore I recommend all Nhu Quynh’s fans or anti-fans to go grab a copy; please buy original products to support the singers and Thuy Nga. I guarantee all you Nhu Quynh fans will surely enjoy and love the CD and all you anti-fans will begin to enjoy her voice.


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