star sighting no. 1

J000000Monday07 28, 2007 at 4:11 p06 (Bao Liem, Don Ho, Loan Chau, Lynda Trang Dai, Manh Quynh, Ngoc Huyen, star sighting, Tommy Ngo, Van Son)

When my friends and I first arrived at Dallas, TX outside of the super market, Hong Kong, Lynda Trang Dai was performing a Vietnamese song that I don’t ever recall her singing. When we reached the location Lynda finishes her solo and Tommy Ngo came out to rap the first part of ‘Loi Anh Hua’ and he sounded fabulous – just like on Paris by Night. When Linda started singing I thought she would sound different for some reason, but she amazes me by sounding amazing. After they finish that song, they sang ‘Yeu Lam Chi’ which got the crowd crazy. Linda and Tommy were very seductive and sexual on stage because they were skin on skin.

Linda then introduce us to Manh Quynh, who started off with some song that I don’t remember because I was in a rush to go get a picture with Tommy and Linda. Not that I don’t like Manh Quynh, but I’ve met him before so I wasn’t excited to meet him again. Manh Quynh sang three slow and sad songs like always which causes his fan to scream.

Manh Quynh then introduce Ngoc Huyen to the stage, she sounds so sweet and innocent. The way she talk is very high class; using big vocabularies. Ngoc Huyen starts off singing another song that I don’t remember because I don’t listen to her music. After that song she sang ‘Chuyen Tinh Lan Va Diep’. I must say that she have the brightest, loveliest smile out of the entire singers I’ve met. I was then distracted by seeing Don Ho and Loan Chau therefore I left to go get a picture therefore I didn’t listen on, but I do know that Ngoc Huyen sang around 5 – 6 songs.

After Ngoc Huyen finish her last piece a man then brought Don Ho to the stage which was return by a loud round of applause. Don Ho was so energetic, humorous, and alive. He started with ‘Tai Vi Do La Em’ which he sounded fantastic – he then sang one slow song and one fast song. Don Ho was the only singer there that got the crowd hype and excited – fans actually sang along, raise their hands, and some even dance along. After this concert I have added Don Ho to my favorite list; not because I love his type of music, but that he’s so funny and makes you laugh.

When Don Ho went down to the audience for donations Loan Chau rock the stage with ‘Ghe Ben Sai Gon’. At first I was not use to her voice because is sounded a bit different from videos. However, after she sang ‘Anh Hay Noi’ I could finally adjust with her voice and at that moment I realize she sound so beautiful. Loan Chau then ask the audience if they wanted a fat or slow song – we scream fast and she sang ‘Sai Gon Oi’. I was quite disappointed with her song choice because I wanted her to pick a song from her amazing CD “Khuc Tuong Phung”.

The concert then stops for awhile for the singers to sell CD, the bands to rest, and for the fans to meet their idols. The only singers that sold CD were Ngoc Huyen, Manh Quynh, and Linda Trang Dai which was disappointing because I wanted an autograph from Loan Chau, Don Ho, and Tommy Ngo. The singers at this concert were very shy especially Tommy; who disappear after his performance with Linda.

The show continues with the hilarious Van Son and Bao Liem, who got so much laughs from the audience. Van Son and Bao Liem are so funny to the point when the microphone went out they could still got the crowd laughing. Indeed they are both great comedian. Only disappointment for me was that I didn’t get to get a picture with any of them because they also disappear after their performance.

After the skit Tommy Ngo got on the stage out of no where and sang ‘Would You Dance?’ or something like that. Tommy really got the fans screaming – it got louder when Lynda came up and they sang ‘Loi To Tinh De Thuong 2’.

Manh Quynh once again came back on stage to sing, but then we decided to go home because we got a picture from all the singers except for the comedian.

Overall, the concert was very enjoyable and fun because I got to see Loan Chau – one of biggest Vietnamese idol. From first appearance Lynda look very diva-esh, but if you talk to her she is very sweet and nice. Tommy is extremely shy and quite; all he say is thank you and then walks away. Don Ho is just hilarious and funny every time you talk to him – he’s just funny and energetic. Loan Chau is plain sweet and gorgeous in real life. Ngoc Huyen smile is breathtaking – the dimple and bright smile is to die for. As you all know this is my second time seeing Manh Quynh, but actually the first time I got to take a picture with him, he’s very nice and funny at time. All in all it was fun and exciting – hope to see them again in the near future.


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  1. (: said,

    Tommy is not shy, what-so-ever. Trust me. and Lynda is so caring, and sweet that it’s overwhelming .

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