nhu quynh – ao hoa review : pt. 1

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Disc 1

1. Con Thuong Rau Dang Moc Sau He
This song brings us back to the beginning of Nhu Quynh’s amazing journey. You can obviously tell that her voice was soft, but still strong and passionate and I think that’s why so many fans love her voice so much. The song was great and excellently delivers by Nhu Quynh – she has such a strong and poignant voice that is so mystical and beautiful to listen to.

2. Dem Chon Dau Vuot Bien
The ocean’s wave hitting the shore of the ocean sound at the beginning of the song was plainly beautiful. When her first note was sung, Nhu Quynh sounded so beautiful and she continues to sound magnificent as the song progresses. Then suddenly the song began to go faster which was a bit unexpected, but it works well.

3. Nguoi Ngoai Pho
One of my favorite songs sang by Nhu Quynh – the lyrics and beat to the song added with Nhu Quynh’s amazing and extraordinary voice the song was just perfect. I remember that she sang this song on Paris by Night 72 and at that time I fell in love with her voice even more then I was already before.

4. Noi Lai Tinh Xua [ft. Manh Quynh]
This song reminds me of another song Nhu Quynh had sung before which I don’t recall the name, but it sound so familiar. Once again Nhu Quynh dominated the song with her extravagant voice and with Manh Quynh’s unique voice; the song is one of my favorite duet between the two to this date.

5. Cho Anh Ben Doi
An amazing ballad added with a ‘que huong’ feeling to it. The song is very easy to listen to and is extremely romantic; another great song presented by Nhu Quynh. I’m quite surprise that 5 out of 5 song I have review, I have not say anything bad about this CD.

6. LK: Con Duong Xua Em Di & Xin Anh Giu Tron Tinh Que [ft. Truong Vu]
I don’t know when I became a Nhu Quynh and Truong Vu fan, but this song made me more of their fan because they sound so fabulous together. When their voices blend together, they sound remarkable – no wonder why they are today best ‘que huong’ singer.

7. Xuan Mong Cho
The flute playing at the beginning was breathtaking and stupendous – it takes you to another place dreamy and beautiful. The moment Nhu Quynh began to sing, she sounds terrific. The beat and background music makes her sound so fantastic and fantasy like; just beautiful sounding.

8. LK: Truong Chi My Nuong & Chuyen Tinh Ben Nhanh Song Gay [ft. Lam Nhat Tien]
This was one of my favorite songs during Paris by Night 71 because it was unique and beautiful. Nhu Quynh looks so beautiful in the light blue ancient costume. I really had no idea how Nhu Quynh and Lam Nhat Tien’s voice would blend together, but after listening to it their voice matches and blended together in perfectly. The song and lyrics was beautiful; however, the storyline was so sad to watch because My Nuong rejected Truong Chi because he didn’t have the ideal look she was expecting. Even though I love the first part of the song I have to say Chuyen Tinh Ben Nhanh Song Gay was so beautifully sang by Lam Nhat Tien.

9. Nua Vang Trang
Nhu Quynh sang her heart out the first time in Paris by Night 68 and till this day when you listen to it, you can tell that she gave her all to the performance. The song demanded a singer that can hit every note from high to low and Nhu Quynh was a great pick.

10. Hoa Buom Ngay Xua [ft. Tran Thai Hoa]
Finally a song that I didn’t enjoy listening to – not that the song or the singers are bad I just didn’t enjoy listening to it. The song was quite hard to sing along and the beat was everywhere. However, Tran Thai Hoa and Nhu Quynh did very well, but if they have chosen a different it would’ve been much better.

11. Do Ai
Another song from this CD that I didn’t enjoy listening to – yes Nhu Quynh sounded beautiful, but I just didn’t like the song. The song could and can turn into a great song if you have the patient to listen to it over and over again. This song is like those songs that you listen to once and never bother to listen to again.

12. Hanh Trang Gia Tu [ft. Truong Vu]
Another phenomenal duet by Nhu Quynh and Truong Vu – I love when they sing together because their voice matches and sound so great together. The song sound like many other song that they had sung together, but I can’t get enough of their duets.

13. Mua Rung
I was totally in love with this song from I first heard it in Paris by Night 74 and still do love it after listening it again right now. I don’t know why but this song just make you feel happy and inspiring.

14. Nho
I was disappointed with this song because it was quite boring and bland to listen to. However, Nhu Quynh still sounded amazingly graceful and beautiful – She never lets down her listener. That’s why she is such an amazing singer.

Overall, I thought that the first fourteenth songs were extremely enjoyable and from it being so great I will be expecting more high quality and excellent songs choice from the wonderful Nhu Quynh. I’m not that worry because I know this CD is product and sang by Nhu Quynh.


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