thuy nga showdown no. 7

J000000Wednesday07 28, 2007 at 4:11 p06 (Bao Han, Nhu Loan, Showdown)

Warning: The following post and poll is not meant to be read by hypersensitive fans. The entire post is for fun and if you wish to have fun then feel free to read on and vote. It is all in good fun! Please do not take it too seriously. You’ve been warned. Do not read or vote if you can’t handle it!

Bao Han vs. Nhu Loan

Bao Han and Nhu Loan are two of the hottest Vietnamese singer to this day. You can’t deny that both of them are extremely gorgeous and talented. However, in Thuy Nga showdown there is only one winner and that winner is pick out by you! So enjoy the 7th Thuy Nga Showdown.

Round 1 – Voice

There is no need to compare between Bao Han and Nhu Loan voice because obviously Bao Han has the stronger and better voice. Nhu Loan has this sweet, but weak voice which makes her sound amateur some times. Therefore I have to give the first round to grand voice Bao Han.

Round 2 – Stage Presence

When I first started listening to Vietnamese music was around Paris By Night 65 [Yeu] and I can say that I dislike Bao Han to the bones, but enjoy Nhu Loan a lot. Bao Han is one of my favorite singers right now, but at first glance I just dislike her. Therefore the second goes to the sweet Nhu Loan.

Final Round – Beauty

Both Bao Han and Nhu Loan has undeniable beauty – I think both are equally beautiful. However, there is one winner so it’s up to you, fans, to pick out the true winner between these two.

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