pbn 87 fashion review – male version

J000000Sunday07 28, 2007 at 4:11 p06 (fashion review, talent search)

Tux Master: Roni Trong vs. Mai Tien Dung
Both Roni and Mai Tien Dung had the tux top and jeans bottom – the only thing different was the color and inside shirt. I do think both of their style is equally great, I have to give the tux master title to Mai Tien Dung literally because I like the color of his tux more.

Winner’ Look: David Meng vs. Trinh Lam

David is the peoples’ choice and Trinh Lam is judges’ choice – both winners. However, who is the better dresser? David dresses simple – a shirt, jacket, and jeans. Sometimes dressing like that for a winner seems a bit too casual and simple. Trinh Lam on the other hand tries to dress more like a celebrity with matching rocker outfit. This also got him the ‘Winner’ look title.

Most Simple Look: Mai Tien Dung vs. Huy Tam

Every male artist during Paris by Night wore something over their t-shirt except for Mai Tien Dung, Huy Tam, and Sunny Luong. I compare these two but not Sunny because they sore buttons up shirt. Mai Tien Dung shirt had more patterns and uniqueness, but Huy Tam gave a more innocent yet seductive look. Therefore I have to give the title to Huy Tam.

Best Tie: Tran Thai Hoa vs. Roni Trong

I was quite surprise that these are the only two that wore a tie during such a huge event because usually during an event male seem to always wear tuxedo; adding with a decent tie. Tran Thai Hoa went with a decent yet too simple tie which also made him lose to Roni for best tie. Roni’s tie has more uniqueness and style then Tran Thai Hoa’s purple tie.

Number One’ Color Tuxido: Quang Dung vs. Nguyen Hung

From their shoes to their shirt they had the same color from top to bottom. Quang Dung made a tan color tuxedo fashionable while Nguyen Hung stuck with the memorable black suit. I have to say that the sparkling from the tan, Quang Dung tuxedo looks extremely cool while Nguyen Hung looks too bland. So the number one color tuxedo title goes to Quang Dung and his sparkling tan tuxedo.

Most Unique: Van Phi Thong vs. Tran Thai Hoa

From a traditional dress covering jeans to hood inside shirt and tuxedo Van Phi Thong and Tran Thai Hoa could say to be the most unique and different from the rest f the gentlemen. However, I have to give the title simply to Tran Thai Hoa because you never see any one wear something like Tran Thai Hoa, but you can see a bunch of ‘que huong’ male singer wear what Van Phi Thong is wearing.

Most Creative Shirt: Ngo Quang Minh vs. Sunny Luong

Ngo Quang Minh tries to dress formal and high fashion while Sunny is more of the cool and ganster type. However, it’s not about what their style is, but it’s about the way their shirt are design. The red flowers on Ngo Quang Minh made it look formal, but not feminine while Sunny gray cool shirt just seem cool. So I would have to give the title to Ngo Quang Minh just for the red flowers designs.

Rocker Champ: Nguyen Hung vs. Trinh Lam

Both Nguyen Hung and Trinh Lam wore what a rocker would wear – from the leather jacket to the black and white design. Trinh Lam look rocking and cool, but Nguyen Hung jacket gave him more style, taste, and personalities which also made him win the rocker champ.

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