pbn 87 fashion review

J000000Saturday07 28, 2007 at 4:11 p06 (fashion review, talent search)

Ocean Beauty: Ngoc Loan vs. Ngoc Lien

In an ocean water blue traditional dress and matching eye shadow, Ngoc Loan looks beautiful. Ngoc Lien on the other hand picked a darker color of blue; adding with flowers design which makes her dress looks absolutely gorgeous. Therefore Ngoc Lien would beat Ngoc Loan as the Ocean Beauty.

Pink Goddess: Huong Giang vs. Ngoc Lien

Huong Giang wore a flowery color pink dress showing feelings and emotion of the season, spring. While Ngoc Lien wore another pink piece with piece tied around her waist. Both of Huong Giang and Ngoc Lien look dreamingly sexy, but I have to give the title of being the pink goddess to Huong Giang because her dress gave her more of a curve while Ngoc Lien’s gave her no curves.

Prom Queen: Quynh Vi vs. Khanh Ha

Both Quynh Vi and Khanh Ha picked a gown to perform. With Quynh Vi in a blue and pink flower dress while Khanh Ha look stunning in a black gown. Quynh Vi’s dress was a bit over the top with the blue flowers running down the dress. However, Khanh Ha look sizzling from top to bottom which won her to Prom Queen Title.

Worst bottom part of dress: Hoai Phuong vs. Luu Bich

No doubt that Hoai Phuong and Luu Bich both has horrible looking skirt. Hoai Phuong’s skirt look raggedy and cheap making her look like a prostitute; worst is her see-through shirt, but her boots look cool. Luu Bich’s dress is not hard to look at, but the two spilt just ruin the dress – either then that the dress is quite nice. So the winner of this title is obviously Hoai Phuong, she also brought home the worst dress artist – that’s two DVD in a row (PBN 86 & 87).

Leopard Queen: Khanh Ha vs. Ky Duyen

Leopard skin is one of the most use animal skins to make dress, gown, shirt, ect. because it looks great. Obviously both Khanh Ha and Ky Duyen look wonderful in their own unique style; however, I must say that Khanh Ha look better just because it wasn’t too much like what Ky Duyen had done. Ky Duyen went from top to bottom – even her hair matches. Way too much! Therefore Khanh Ha takes home the Leopard Queen.

Traditional Cutie: Tam Doan vs. Ngoc Loan

Vietnamese lady always look at their best while wearing traditional dress and it shows because both Tam Doan and Ngoc Loan look stunning. In a variety of purple dress Tam Doan look beautiful; however, he make-up made her look old therefore I have to give the Traditional Cutie to Ngoc Loan and her black/yellow flowery traditional dress.

Mermaid Excellent: Trieu Bao Vi vs. Ky Duyen

Trieu Bao Vi picked a mermaid shape dress which always show off a woman’s curve while Ky Duyen pick a mermaid color dress. I have to give this title to Trieu Bao Vi because her dress shows more of her curve and make her look extremely sexy and seductive.

Most Glamorous: Huong Giang vs. Quynh Vi

Standing side by side both Huong Giang and Quynh Vi looks glamorously beautiful. Huong Giang looks so bright and stunning with her tan color dress and golden belt showing off once again her curve. In a purple slower dress Quynh Vi look equally beautiful to Huong Giang therefore I have to say this round is a tie between the two.

Red Hot beauty: Tam Doan vs. Tu Quyen

In a burning red hot traditional dress Tam Doan manage to look sexy while traditional and pure. Tu Quyen on the other hand looks absolutely sizzling in a kimono with a corset that shows off her curve magnificently – adding to the hotness the two split beside her dress shows off her beautiful legs perfectly. Therefore I have to give the Red Hot Beauty Title to the stunning Tu Quyen.

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