thuy nga showdown no. 6

J000000Wednesday07 28, 2007 at 4:11 p06 (Huynh Gia Tuan, Roni Trong, Showdown)

Warning: The following post and poll is not meant to be read by hypersensitive fans. The entire post is for fun and if you wish to have fun then feel free to read on and vote. It is all in good fun! Please do not take it too seriously. You’ve been warned. Do not read or vote if you can’t handle it!

Huynh Gia Tuan Vs. Roni Trong
Both Huynh Gia Tuan and Roni first appear on Thuy Nga Paris by Night 84 [Passport to Music and Fashion]. They sing and dance alike; however, in the Thuy Nga showdown there can be only one winner and you know how that winner is determine.

Round 1 – Stage Presence

Huynh Gia Tuan gave the audience some entertainment in his first solo song “Girls” which made fans go crazy for him. While Roni Trong brought along his Finland talents on stage and rocked the stage with “Call Me”. However, I must say that Roni gave a bigger impression then Huynh Gia Tuan did maybe because he had more of a storyline behind his life which causes the audience to want more.

Round 2 – Viet

In both “Call Me” and “All I Want” Roni sang in English and that’s his main language to sing in, but recently in PBN 87 he sang with four contestants in “Vang Trang Khoc” and I have to say that his Viet are weak. I can understand that it’s not his comfort zone therefore I have to give it to Huynh Gia Tuan the second round for sounding better in Viet.

Final Round – Music

R&B is both Huy Gia Tuan and Roni’s music style of singing – both sounds great singing this type of music. However; like I have mention above that there can be one winner so I will give it to you to pick out the 6th Thuy Nga showdown winner. Have fun and Enjoy!


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