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1. Ngoi Sao Dem Nay (Fame) – 13 Contestants
This was a great song to open the show because it’s fun, exciting, and fun which catches the audiences’ attention. I also love how they started both PBN 86 and 87 with the dancers because they are such talented peoples. Basically it was a great and fun song it to open the show.

2. Top 7 contestant
Ky Duyen made it more interesting and fun with the elimination which really shows how great an MC she is. When Ky Duyen told Trinh Lam to step over to the side of To Chan Phong I knew that was the winner side. I was happy with mostly all the contestants, but I really thought that Sunny Luong or Huy tam should have been in the top 7. I was not surprise that they save Ngoc Loan because from all the contestants Ngoc Loan did have one of the highest score.

3. All I want – Roni Trong
First off, I love this song and I have been listening to it for quite awhile already. Roni has a great voice and is a great performer. Having Roni song in this show was great because he has been through it all and can help the contestants through this and that.

4. Nguoi Dan Ong Chan That – David Meng
The song is an extremely good song, but David voice is too weak for such a strong song, I will still give him credit for being Cambodian. Every time he try to sing a high note, his voice scratches and it’s hard to listen to. However, I think that this was a better song for him to sing then the last.

5. Noi Buon Chim Sao – Ngoc Loan
Ngoc Loan has a great ‘que huong’ voice and Thuy Nga need more of these kind of voice because there are not a lot of great ‘que huong’ singer that could join Thuy Nga. As for the song, it was a huge disappointment because her previous song was so much better for her amazing voice. The song made her high pitch note sounded flat because she’s still new and is not use to going from such a low note to a high note.

6. Co Phai Em Mua Thu Ha Noi – Huong Giang
Huong Giang’s voice is so grand and extravagant. The song was great for her voice because the song showcase her strong voice well. The song she picks last time was not bad, but this song is much better and she seems more comfortable – not so stiff. She sounds so sweet and innocent in her interview with Ky Duyen which put a smile to your face.

8. Mua Hong – Quynh Vi
No doubt Quynh Vi has an extraordinary voice, but I thought she could’ve picked a much better song. I’m not saying the song is bad, I just think her past song was better and more entertaining. However, she was much more into her performance this time.

9. Bay Cung Tinh Yeu – Mai Tien Dung
Obviously this was not a song for him to sing because it made his voice sound weak and boring. The song was not a great song in the first place; therefore I would pick his other song over this song by a mile. It shows that he tries to make the song more entertaining and that’s all he could’ve done because the song choice was bad.

10. Gio Cung Tinh Yeu – Tran Thai Hoa
I don’t like the type of song he sings but I like the way he sing – he sound so into the song and it’s great because a singer must be know and love the song to make the listener love the song or enjoy it. His last note blew me away because his voice sounded amazing and I also think that this was a better song then the last song Tran Thai Hoa had sang.

11. Mot Lan Cuoi – Trinh Lam
What can I say about Trinh Lam, but that he is a great singer, composer and performer? I know that he will be a great success if he continues to do all three because it would be a waste if he doesn’t. The song was an acceptable song but it wasn’t great like his other song that he composed.

12. Tinh Yeu Voi Di – Ngoc Lien
Ngoc Lien performs the song well and I think that Duc Huy could agree with me because he had a satisfying face after the song was finish. If you know me then you must know that I don’t really like Ngoc Lien, but I have to say that she sounded pleasing in this song.

13. Hai Kich : Mong Ca Si – Hoai Linh, Chi Tai, Huu Loc, and Calvin Hiep
The new comedian Huu Loc is not funny or entertaining at all – he exaggerated way to much to the point that I got annoy by him. Calvin Hiep acted well as the old man and Chi Tai was Ok, but the skit got funny when Hoai Linh appears. No wonder he is today funniest comedian – his imitation of Tuan Ngoc, Thai Thanh, ect. were hilarious and very real especially Tuan Ngoc.

14. Chieu Mot Minh Qua Pho & Chi Co Mot Thoi – Quang Dung
Quang Dung sounded great in both of the song – he is officially a legend and it was great for him to sing in a talent show because it shows the contestants what a great voice sounds like. His performance is so natural and comfortable – maybe because he has performed for so long.

15. Unchain My Heart – Khanh Ha, Hoai Phuong, and Trinh lam
Khanh Ha is unbelievable amazing so we don’t need to talk about her – wow she sound amazing. Trinh Lam and Hoai Phuong Phuong both sounded good especially Hoai Phuong because her last performance was not so great, but she sounded amazing in this song. Both Trinh Lam and Hoai Phuong look like they had fun during the performance which is great because this show is what it’s for. Picking Trinh Lam and Hoai Phuong to sing this song was great because they both have such a strong voice. Adding with that the diva, Khanh Ha was even more pleasing.

16. Chong Xa – Tam Doan, Ngoc Loan, and Van Phi Thong
Tam Doan sound so beautiful – no wonder why they pick her to show these wannabe singers how it’s done. Ngoc Loan voice matches so well with Tam Doan which shows that she has the potential to be a great singer just like Tam Doan. While Van Phi Thong was more like a back up singer then a main singer to Tam Doan and Ngoc Loan.

17. Vang Trang Khoc – Roni Trong, Mai Tien Dung, Trieu Bao Vi, Huong Giang, and Quynh Vi
This song is to be sang by two people and two people only; a group of five ruined the song; not that this group of singer are bad, but it seem crowded. Roni Trong actually sound like a contestant then a singer which is a bit embarrass – maybe because he’s not use to be singing in Viet. Quynh Vi really did over shine all of the other contestants – Thuy Nga should have spilt them up and let either Mai Tien Dung to sing with Luu Bich or Quynh Vi with Tu Quyen. Not that a great duet because I think Quynh Vi and Tu Quyen would sound great together.

18. Cat Bui Tinh Xa – Ngoc Lien, Tran Thai Hoa, Ngo Quang Minh, and Huy Tam
Both Ngo Quang Minh and Tran Thai Hoa sounded great, but Huy Tam sounded irregular; maybe because he doesn’t sing these types of songs. He was just there, not much enjoying the song or performance. Ngoc Lien voice once again sounded great in this song.

19. Tra Het Cho Nguoi – Nguyen Hung, Sunny Luong, and David Meng
This is such a fun and entertaining song to listen to. Nguyen Hung voice still sound so great and no wonder why they let him teach the other how to sing. Sunny Luong sounded extremely well, but David sounded weird. I think that if Sunny pick this song for his first performance then he would’ve gotten into the top 7.

20. Song Ve Dua – Khanh Ha
When Khanh Ha sings her voice causes you to day dream about what she is singing. Her voice is grand and sizzling! You just have to fall in love with it. The song made her voice sounded even better then before. Her high notes are breathtaking.

21. Cho Vua Long Em – Tam Doan
Tam Doan sounded great in this song – it seem like this song is written for her. She must have been emotional singing in front of the composer, Nhat Ngan, because she almost cry singing the song.

22. Biet Lam Gi Hon – Nguyen Hung
Another great performance by Nguyen Hung – I just love his voice. It started out good with the vocal and voice, but became even better when it got faster with the dancers; gave the song more excitement and fun.

23. Sometimes When We Touch – Luu Bich
The song is romantically great for Luu Bich voice because she sounded dreamy in this song. The English start was good, but the Viet part was much better because I like the lyrics much better and she sounded much better. The dancers once again did great.

24. Con Lai Nho Thuong – Tu Quyen
No doubt Tu Quyen sounded great to me because she’s my favorite singer. I have heard Tu Quyen sing live before and I must say she sound exactly like she would in real live – sexy and amazing. She has this sexiness in her voice when she sings which I love so much. Adding to the great sound is her cute smile and dimples – who can hate her? It was also so cute when the song ended and she turns over and gave a huge smile to the dancers.

25. Ending Results:
I was sure from the beginning that Trinh Lam would already won either Peoples’ choice or Judges’ choice so I wasn’t surprise he won. When it got down to David Meng and Quynh Vi you could feel the love for Quynh Vi. I wanted her to win so much, but it turn out to be David. I guess it’s because he was Cambodian and that is unique. I know for sure that Quynh Vi will be a great singer later on if she continue to pursue in the Viet music industry.

The show was well done and I can tell you that you can appreciate if you give it a chance. This is Thuy Nga’s first time and they did a well job, but it could’ve been better. The only thing pulling the show from being excellent was not having great MCs – Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Ngan. Yes, Ky Duyen was great but the other two made the show miserable to watch. However, I still recommended to you if you haven’t had a chance to watch both PBN 86 & 86.


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