analyzing song no. 2

J000000Friday07 28, 2007 at 4:11 p05 (Analyzing song, Minh Tuyet)

Vang Trang Dem Troi by Minh Tuyet(Paris By Night 86 – Talent Show Semi-Final)

English Translation
The beautiful moon shine in the sky
with the snow falling slowly down
as I sit here with tears on my cheeks
Living with love is a beautiful thing.
Hoping for you to be back by my side,
but my heart tells me you’re gone.
Leaving me sitting here alone looking at the moon.

The reflection of the shining moon
brings back great memories between us two.
The tender kiss we gave each other
was like a rose in my heart.
It’s so sad to be the one waiting
silently in the hollow nights.
Looking at the sky all I see is
the bright and beautiful moon.

Out love is now gone far away
like the full moon drifting away.
My tears are falling down
why. why. why my love?
Where are those beautiful days
when we share our loves.
How longer will we be apart?
With the full moon tonight
I have lost you forever.

Analyzing the song
The song speaks of a girl, Minh Tuyet, who sits and stare at the magnificent full moon and thinks about her love. As the snow floats slowly down from the sky, tears began to form in her swollen – red eyes. Hoping for the day where that person would come back into her arms. However, she knew that it would never happen because their love has vanished into thin air. Her love has beginning to drift away like the full and bright moon beginning to be covers by the dark clouds. Begging and hoping for that person returns, but she realize that she have lost him forever.

Having Minh Tuyet to sing such a wonderful song was just great because this song need someone that could put their feelings and emotion into the song. Minh Tuyet extended the song and made it her own – best version thus far. Her pitch and note were close or even flawless. I understand that she was singing live and the microphone jacked up, but she still kept her cool and sounded fabulous. This song has wonderful lyrics and I just love this wonderful song.

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