thuy nga showdown no. 4

J000000Wednesday07 28, 2007 at 4:11 p05 (Manh Quynh, Quang Le, Showdown)

Quang Le Vs. Manh Quynh

Both Quang Le and Manh Quynh are known for their ability to sing ‘que huong’ and ‘vong co’. As the younger generations of music are getting more popular, this type of music is getting lost. Therefore, Thuy Nga is very fortunate to have two strong singers like Quang Le and Manh Quynh in this section of music.

Round 1 – Persona

To me Quang Le has a better persona then Manh Quynh because when you look at Quang Le, he would always smile and it’s very welcoming to watch. However; when Manh Quynh is onstage he would give this sorrow and sad look. Yes! I know that sometime grieving faces are requiring for certain songs, but there something cold and unease. Therefore, the winner of round one is Quang Le.

Round 2 – Selections

Both, Quang Le and Manh Quynh, are great singers and they both sing similarly the same type of songs. They both make the standard of a used song sound fabulous and new to listen to. I have to give round two to Manh Quynh even if I think both of them have great taste in picking songs, but I give Manh Quynh credits for using his own written songs.

Final Round – Voice

No doubt that both, Quang Le and Manh Quynh, have an amazing voice and establish to make any song sound fantastically new. However; there can only be one winner and I will leave the hard task to you fans.

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