thuy nga showdown no. 3

J000000Monday07 28, 2007 at 4:11 p05 (Angela Tram Anh, Showdown, Van Quynh)

Warning: The following post and poll is not meant to be read by hypersensitive fans. The entire post is for fun and if you wish to have fun then feel free to read on and vote. It is all in good fun! Please do not take it too seriously. You’ve been warned. Do not read or vote if you can’t handle it!

Both Van Quynh and Angela Tram Anh are still consider as newbies; however, their voices are more demanding then most of the professional singers. Van Quynh win over many fans with her resemblelance to Minh Tuyet, but slowly found her own uniqueness, while Angela Tram Anh sang dramatically into many open mind.

Round 1 – Stage Pressence

Van Quynh appear in Thuy Nga 72 [Tieng Hat Tu Nhip Tim] where she showcase her first performance ‘Uoc Gi’ and Angela Tram Anh appear in Thuy Nga 81 [Am Nhat Khong Bien Gioi] where she sang a duet with Hollie Thanh Ngoc in ‘My Way’. For stage pressence I must say Angela won over Van Quynh by miles because when Van Quynh first appears, she chose a bad song to showcase her voice and she didn’t win over her fans till later on. However, when Angela Tram Anh appears in PBN 81 she immediately won over many fans.

Round 2 – Uniqueness

Angela Tram Anh might have a better stage pressence, but Van Quynh’s uniqueness and punk is unbelievable. Yes! People started to notice Van Quynh because she slightly resemblance Minh Tuyet; however, she soon found her ability to set herself away from Minh Tuyet. Therefore round two goes to Van Quynh for her ability to stand out from seas of singers.

Final Round – Look
Both of Van Quynh and Angela Tram Anh are gorgeous lady with an astonish face structures. Van Quynh has that cute yet very sophisticated look while Angela is a stunning and bright lady. So I will leave it to you, fans, to decided to is the winner of the third Thuy Nga showdown.

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