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Welcome to Entertaining You. PBN 86 semi-final fashion review. Two days ago you all enjoy the special: red carpet review with Loan Chau. This review was suppose to be next week; however, the showdown was move to next week therefore you will be with me, Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen, where I will take you inside the show to see who look rocked their outfit and who fell flat.

Best Overall Look: Ky Duyen

It’s not just that I am indescribably gorgeous: it’s that I carries dresses so well and makes great fashion choices.

The pink and white dress I wore at the beginning of the show signaled a fashion romantic spring feeling. For the second part of the show I follow with a blue/purple dress where I paired with a dazzling pair of earrings. I absolutely look at my best during the show.

Modern Icon – Minh Tuyet

Minh Tuyet has left the days of princess pink dresses behind.

She worked the red carpet in a yellow – muster gown with plenty of modern detailing that accentuated her curves. Now she open the show with a white silky shirt that tie a knot at the middle and lead it’s way down to her knees; a very fashionable and sexy shirt.

Best Color: Ngoc Loan

Let other singers try to wear trendy colors that don’t flatter their coloring. Ngoc Loan in her green and butterfly pattern dress was absolutely stunning. Paired with her long hair (worn loose) and not-too-ostentatious earrings, Ngoc Loan was gorgeous.

Best Cutie Girl: Huong Giang

From her elegant, white and innocent ‘ao dai’, Huong Giang was every inch to being the best cutie girl of the event. Even her smile look innocent and cute (doesn’t seem fake like other singers).

Best Vintage Look: Quynh Vi

Lots of singers try to wear a vintage color dress, but somehow, on Quynh Vi vintage looks completely right. The pale green dress with a slit down on the side show off her appealing pair of legs and matching earrings were soft and sweet.

True Fashionista – Y Lan

Certain singers have such a strong individual vibe that they would be lost in a simple ‘ao dai’. However, Y Lan made the simple silver ‘ao dai’ a knockout, with subtle monochromatic neck piece and appealing head piece.

Flawless (Again) – Minh Tuyet

Minh Tuyet is a red carpet style icon because her fashion choices are so absolutely perfect, like this simple metallic shirt and matching blue jeans. What makes it even more amazing is that it all seems effortless for Minh Tuyet.

Minh Tuyet: Lady in Red

Red is a great attention getter, and Minh Tuyet got lots in her fiery – hued dress. Paired with the dress is a pair of red earrings and sparkling bracelet.

Best ensemble: Tran Thai Hoa

Tran Thai Hoa wore one of the most sophisticated ensembles of the night. His suit is perfectly paired with a white spread-collar shirt and stripe black – white tie.

Best Twist: Contestant Tran Thai Hoa

Tran Thai Hoa looks decent in a formal suit, but he gave it a new twist. He has done just this by excluding the expected tie and sporting a silk undershirt instead which comment with his milky white tuxedo.

Simple and Cool: Sunny Luong

Sunny looks simple, retro and cool. It seem like he brought his whole personalities onto stage with his sense of fashion.

Spectacular: Mai Tien Dung

Mai Tien Dung was definitely one of the best dressed men of the night. His black tux and white shirt was nothing short of spectacular.

The Not so Original: Van Phi Thong

Van Phi Thong was daring by wearing a traditional ‘ao dai’ because none of the male contestants wore one, it was not only original, but sharp.

Worst Dressed: Hoai Phuong

At the age of 29 Hoai Phuong looks old with the make-up and old fashion shirt and pants. The leather baby blue turtle nect shirt with the missing side screams “the designer forgot to finish my shirt”.

Desperation dance: Trieu Bao Vi

Indeed Trieu Bao Vi is a good dancer, but her black see-through shirt and thrifty looking skirt made her look unattractive and cheap.

Sleepy Flower: Tran Thu Ha

Tran Thu Ha’s voice is very well awake, but her look was not wide awake. The visible sleeping gown under a see-through covers sheet made Tran Thu Ha look like she overslept and just came to the show with what she was sleeping in.

Club Anyone?

I must say that Nhu Loan look stunning in the face and during the red carpet with that green and sizzling dress. However, during the performance ‘Ve Day Em’, Nhu Loan doesn’t look unique. It seem like she just randomly pick a dress that she would wear to a club.


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