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Welcome to Entertaining You. specials: PBN 86 semi-final red carpet fashion review. I, Loan Chau, will not be presented as a singer tonight, but a host and interviewee. If I don’t do well please forgive me. Please! There are so many hot artists attending this event, let see what they’re wearing.

Queen of the Red Carpet – Minh Tuyet

In a sea of pretty dresses, Minh Tuyet almost always manages to look absolutely mesmerizing. For the PBN Talent Search, she wore a dramatic, strap gown in bright yellow adding to that a fabulous smile.

What makes Minh Tuyet such a strong force of fashion? She chooses gowns that show off her great curves and transcend current trends. The dress just complements her curves, beautiful face and glamorous smile.

Don’t Let Him Dress Better Than You

Even if you haven’t been in the music or fashion industries don’t let the guy look better. When the guy looks more dolled up than his date – even her son, Beckham, look better then she did — it’s a fashion disaster.

Nhu Loan: Effortlessly Chic

The velvet green dress was definitely the ‘stand out’ of the event. But it was Nhu Loan’s interpretation — a study in contrasts — that looked fresh and modern.

Nhu Loan paired sleek, center-parted hair in a ponytail with sexy earrings. Her dress was a beautiful shade of green. Most artists would have gone with a big curly updo with the gown to make it look more formal. But Nhu Loan kept the whole look relaxed and elegant.

Khanh Ha and Luu Bich made white boring!

White is known to be one of the most elegant colors during the red carpet; however, Luu Bich and Khanh Ha made it boring and bland. Luu Bich cheap skirt was plain uncalled for. The biggest disappointment has to go to Khanh Ha, who is known for her amazing taste in fashion, flop with the old fashion white blouse and boring black pants.

Classic Culture

Khanh Ly and husband have the celebrity couple thing down. Both look classic Hollywood — he in a straightforward tux, her in a gorgeous emerald classic ao dai – looking perfectly together.

Black Cutie – Tam Doan

One of the problems that the younger singers have is trying to dress glam, while still dressing their age. In this dark, mysterious and black dress, Tam Doan looks elegant and sexy. Her almost-daytime hair and the girly hairpiece add to the ironic yet innocence of the clothes, which made her look stunning.

Glamour – Thuy Tien and Luong Tung Quang

It’s impossible to read about fashion without hearing the phrase “a return to glamour.” For singer Thuy Tien, the glam never left. In her richly detailed vanilla gown, she was perfectly princess-like. The princess also added along her prince of shining armor; looking all groom up is Mr. Luong Tung Quang.

Do Compliment Each Other

If you are going with a partner on the red carpet try to always compliment each other just like Van Quynh and Roni with her belt and his tie. Even if the colors of their clothes contradict and look strange together their belt and tie will make bring them back to the good side.

Wrong Everything

Ngoc Lien is the best example of a pretty woman with the wrong make-up on because her make-up made her look dull, bored and sleepy. As for the clothes the purple shirt was extremely boring and unfashionable.

Thumps Down: Quang Le

I like Quang le’s song but not his fashion sense. He somehow always looks over pack; it seem like he can’t decide what to where therefore he put his whole wardrobe on. Quynh Dung didn’t look any better with the not so sizzling ao dai and sloppy hair.

No Great Comeback (in fashion) for Ngoc Anh

What a huge missed opportunity for the confident Ngoc Anh to show how great she is doing after her long disappearance. Ngoc Anh looks short and awful next to the magnificent Loan Chau. The dress look cheap and the color contrast with the red carpet.

From trashy to classy: Ho Le Thu

Ho Le Thu’s been known to wear sexy, sleeveless dresses that show to much of her body which take away the beauty from her face, but this night she wore a dark black color overall that cover her every part. However, it let us see how beautiful and gorgeous she really is.

Don’t Try to Dress Young

If you’re by yourself on the red carpet and you try too hard to dress young (and you’re not), you’ll stand out a bit. If you’re going with a partner who tries too hard to be cool, you’ll just look doubly pathetic like Hoai Linh and Huong Thuy did on the red carpet.

Do Dress Like Yourselves

Fashion critics love to pan quirky Truc sister for their off-beat style. But the truth is their look — more so than their overly styled contemporaries — seems to reflect their inner selves. And isn’t that what true style is all about? The Truc sister looks great from head to toe – very red carpet type of looks.

Do Dress Equally Luxe

Sure, Lynda and Tommy could have both gone with something more low-key and still looked beautiful and hot together. Instead, Tommy experimented with a velvet high class tux and Lynda chose a sexy fur number with major bling.

Thai Thanh: Hotter Than Women Half Her Age

Can you believe Thai Thanh is near 60-70? She looked fit, trendy and stunning in a traditional ao dai.

Like her mother, Y Lan down with a sleeveless perfectly cut black dress which shows off a woman’s true beauty, instead of overwhelming it.

Boldest Fashion Choice: Rebecca Quynh Giao

Rebecca Quynh Giao, one of the many singers in black, that could took sexy to a new level in her mesh-sided, cut-to-there dress. Her sparkling necklace looked modern and showed off her incredible fashion sense.

Most Graceful Fashion Recovery: Tu Quyen

If you’ve ever tripped or stumbled in heels or a dragging hem, you’ll understand how incredible it was that Tu Quyen was able to teeter on falling and then recover from her not so welcome new hair style. Even though Tu Quyen is still keeping her bangs, she still manages to look sexy and magnificent in a black golden border dress. Tagging along her all smiling mother – showing how beautiful their family trait dimples are.

Biggest Fashion Mistake: Thuy Van

With her teased updo and light blue with exaggerated jewelries, Thuy Van look stunningly beautiful; however, her biggest fashion mistake was choosing Tuan Hung as her red carpet partner, he looks drunk and a little high.

I hope everyone enjoy Loan Chau’s section of PBN 86 Special: Red carpet fashion review. I, Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen, will take you inside the show next week to see who wore the best outfit and who didn’t do show well. So stay tune for more fun. Thank You!

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