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PBN 86 – Talent Search Semi-Final

MCs – Nguyen Van Thinh, Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen,
and To Chan Phong

Ky Duyen is already a professional and she did an amazing job through out the whole show. Fixing and covering the mistakes made by the other two MC; mostly To Chan Phong. I thought that he did a poorly job, but I can understand because he’s is a newbie. However, Nguyen Van Thinh was horrible, it seem like he try too much to make himself sound like Nguyen Ngoc Ngan. His speeches were long, monotonous and boring; fans could agree that Nguyen Ngoc Ngan would have done a way better job. Overall the MCs were quite enjoyable when Ky Duyen talks and the other two listen.

Judges – Nhat Ngan, Khanh Ly, Duc Huy,
Huong Lan, and Huynh Thi

The judges were reasonable, acceptable and unquestionably great I thought every score gave by the judges were properly given out except for Khanh Ly wanting contestant 11, Tran Thai Hoa, to quite singing and pursuit into the medical field. It was amusing to watch Khanh Ly and Duc Huy fight over everything; very much like Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul from American Idol. The judges were well picked because they all had a great opinion and love for music which will indeed give out great score and they did through out the competition.

1. Ai Khong Mot Lan Mo [What a Feeling] – Minh Tuyet, Bang Kieu & 13 contestants

First off I have to give Thuy Nga’s dancers some credit because they did an amazing job opening and making the crowd all hyped up. This really proves why Thuy Nga has some off the most talented dancer and the best choreographer, Mrs. Shanda Shawer. Now to the music I thought having Minh Tuyet and Bang Kieu opening the show with the 13 contestants was a great idea because they are today hottest artist oversea. The song also shows off Minh Tuyet and Bang Kieu strong and magnificent voice. All 13 contestants did a well job and it seems like they had a lot of fun; and that’s what singing is about. They song make you song make you so alive and energetic. What a feeling huh?

2. Ben Gau Cuc Tan – Van Phi Phong

I must agree with Khanh Ly that there are not a lot of que huong singers in the industries of oversea music. We really need more of this kind of singer because it is the root of Vietnamese music. Van Thi Phong has a brilliant voice, but it’s still a bit weak and if he gets more couching then he could become an amazing singer.

3. Xin Loi Em – Davin Meng

I have to give him some credit on being Cambodian that could speak and sing Vietnamese, but his voice is so weak and he couldn’t reach any of his high pitch notes. I also agree with Huong Lan that he should try to pick a more suitable song for himself next time.

4. O Me Ly – Nguyen Huy Tam

Nguyen Huy Tam is a great entertainer because he is not afraid to make himself look silly on stage and it put smiles to his audience and it got everyone involve in his fun. The song was extremely fun to listen to because of how fast and entertaining it is. However, I must agree with Duc Huy and Khanh Ly that the song was extremely fast, but disagree about it not being hearable.

5. Thuong Nho Nguoi Dung – Ngoc Loan

Ngoc Loan sounded professional and she could even be compare to some of Thuy Nga’s que huong singers such as; Phi Nhung and Huong Thuy. I have to agree with Nhat Ngan that her ability to control her voice was just flawless and magnificent and that the song she has chosen showcase her voice perfectly.

6. Ve Day Nghe Em – Huong Giang

I must say that when I saw her sweet face I thought that her voice would be weak, but she blew me away with her demanding strong voice; like they say “don’t judge a book by its cover”. I must agree with Huong Lan that Huong Giang has a great voice, but she doesn’t have enough life experience to relate into the song.

7. Roi Cung Chia Tay – Trieu Bao Vy

Trieu Bao Vy is an average singer, but she is a great entertainer which really helped her with the judge’s score. Duc Huy’s explanations for his score were very reasonable and I thought that I must agree that her performance as a singer were bland, but as a entertainer were done well.

8. Ve Day Em – Nhu Loan

Nhu Loan started off weak and amateur, even to the point that one of my family member that doesn’t watch PBN thought she was one of the contestants. I have always thought that her voice were weak and the beginning of this performance made me think of Nhu Loan as a ‘look’ singer. However, as the song processes I could finally hear a professional singer, but I think Nhu Loan should’ve pick a better song that could gave her voice more dimension.

9. Ngoc Lan – Tran Thu Ha

Hands down to Tran Thu Ha as a legend in the Vietnamese music industries, her voice is splendidly superb. Tran Thu Ha sang beautifully and I want to say to all the contestants to learn from Tran Thu Ha because if you could sing any where near her then you would win for sure.

10. Niem Dau Chod Dau – Quynh Vi

Quynh Vi has the look, voice and a great persona that is very likeable. She is a beauty alright and that’s a plus, but her voice was as beautiful as she is. The song she chose was a great ballad and I must agree with Nhat Ngan that Quynh Vi is near being professional.

11. Hay Nhin Lai Minh Di – Luong Hoang Duc (Sunny Luong)

Sunny Luong song choice was not the best because he couldn’t reach any high notes which cause it hard to listen to. Duc Huy’s comments about the song being a strong type of song and that the vocals in this competition are more important. However, he is a great entertainer and dancer.

12. Chuyen Chang Co Don – Mai Tien Dung

Mai Tien Dung’s voice is indeed weak; however, he picked the right song for his voice which didn’t make his voice sound weak. I have to agree with Nhat Ngan that his voice is indeed very different and that his style of performing is extremely comfortable which is easy to watch, but I hate his little finger.

13. Tinh Nho – contestant Tran Thai Hoa

Tran Thai Hoa is a great singer; his voice is soulful and he has a great tone to his voice. Tinh Nho is an amazing song; however, it’s a very hard song to sing yet he sang very well. I thought Khanh Ly’s comment about her wanting him to be a doctor was understandable, but it was very harsh.

14. Chia Tay Tinh Dau – Hoai Phuong

I agree entirely with Huynh Thi’s comments, through out the whole song including the change in beat, Hoai Phuong were plain flat. Hoai Phuong is an average singer and performer therefore there are not any thing special about her.

15. Tai Sao? – Trinh Lam

Brilliant lyrics and voice, at that moment I knew Trinh Lam will be either the people’s choice or judges’ choice. Trinh Lam has an intruding tone to his voice which sound professional and practice. Also I thought he was extremely brave to choose his song to perform. I absolutely agree with Duc Huy with Trinh Lam being both a singer and composer.

16. La Do Muon Chieu – Ngo Quang Minh

I didn’t know what to expect from Ngo Quang Minh, but when he sang his voice is very different and unnatural. He did seem very stiff and not comfortable performing; however, I did like him singing in French.

17. Minh Oi – Y Lan

Y Lan’s voice is soft and very easy to the ear, she is so ‘dieu’ which made the song sound brilliant. I love the part in the middle of the song where she stop and dedicated the song to all her fans. I thought it was extremely sweet!

18. Ban Tinh Cuoi – Bang Kieu

Bang Kieu’s ability to control his magnificent voice is very respectable. I must say that his performance was flawless, remember this is ‘live’, he hit all the high notes perfectly and it’s quite hard.

19. Gio Thi Anh Da Biet – Bang Kieu Minh Tuyet

Beautiful song added with great today’s two best vocalist. What more do you want? Bang Kieu and Minh Tuyet sang exceedingly well together; however, don’t they look too close together? Because Bang Kieu’s wife is sitting in the audience and that act that they put on was fresh and funny.

21. Ai Kho Vi Ai – Quynh Dung and Duy Truong

First debut performance on Thuy Nga and they pick a horrible song. I thought that they are both wonderful singer, but the song was just bland and boring. Actually I was surprise when I heard Duy Truong sing because he looks like a pop singer more then a que huong singer.

20. Kai Kich: Nguoi O Thoi Hien Dai – Kieu Oanh,Trang Thanh Lan and Le Tin

Trang Thanh Lan and Le Tin’s poetry battle was so funny I miss Trang Thanh Lan very much, but when Kieu Oanh enters the scene it got even funnier. Her explanation of her Trang Thanh Lan’s hand was hilarious and of how she say their child were abnormal. Overall, I think all three did an amazing job.

21. Khoang Cach – Singer Tran Thai Hoa

Great song and I thought Tran Thai Hoa sang at his best. The song was extravagant and sexy, adding to that is the three couple dancing in the background added a more romantic feeling.

22. Vang Trang Dem Troi – Minh Tuyet

Minh Tuyet sang this song fantastically well, her voice was amazing. This version is officially my favorite, her voice was spectacular and she sang her heart out to all the contestants it was a great way to end the show.

23. Ai Khong Mot Lan Mo – 13 contestants

Overall, I thought Thuy Nga did an amazing job to make the competition enjoyable, mysterious and interesting. If you haven’t watched the show then I recommend it tremendously because it’s a great DVD. There were some mistake made by the MCs and the microphone; however, it’s still a great and amazing show.

Please return next week with me, Loan Chau, to see all the amazing artists show off their style with Entertaining You. special: Thuy Nga Red Carpet Fashion review.

Also stay tune with me, Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen, to see all the amazing fashion during the show of PBN 86: Talent Search Semi-Final.

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