van quynh – uoc mot ngay review

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1. Mot Thoi De Yeu –
The first song of every CD will make or break the listener’s interest to keep listening to the rest of the CD or stop. For me I was very disappointed with Van Quynh for choosing this song; maybe it was too grand for her or that she needed more practice. I would encourage her to pick songs that suite her persona and that will make her voice sound flawless, but it’s great to try new things and I will give her credit for that. Therefore it took me so long to write this review because I gave up on her CD when I listen to this particular song, but I gave her another chance because she is still new.

2. Va Anh Da Di –
I was very please that I gave Van Quynh’s CD another chance because this song proved to me that it was indeed a good CD. I thought Van Quynh did an extremely well with this song; making it her own. Her voice really shows why she is one of today most successful singer.

3. Chia Tay –
I thought the song was well done, but Van Quynh sound like she was screaming the whole time at the beginning of the song. This was very hard and irritating to listen to, however her last note extraordinary.

4. Em Mo –
A soft, sweet and innocent song is not for Van Quynh because it’s very pitchy and her voice is not yet there to sing these kinds of songs. At various moments she sounds like she was running out of air and it hard to listen to. Beside the wild pitch and the breathing I thought she did a well job.

5. Dau Yeu Xua –
Van Quynh did a better job then I expected to do because this is a very hard song to sing to. At some moment she sounds so much like Loan Chau in ‘Bai Tango Xa Roi’. The twist from the chorus in the middle of the song ruined the song for me.

6. Mot Thuo Dai Kho –
Ballad is for Van Quynh, her voice is for ballads because she sound amazing. These types of songs make her voice stand out and it sound astonishing.

7. Di Van Em Dem – ft. Duong Trieu Vu
I don’t really have to say how much I love this song and the chemistry between the two. Fans have agree with me because they did win the best chemistry last year at the Thuy Nga Anniversary Award 2006 for this particular song.

8. Bien Ru Niem Nho –
Van Quynh did an OK job with this song, but I thought she could’ve done much more to make the song her own. I give her credits for trying new things at the middle of the song.

9. Dau Co Loi Lam – ft. Bang Kieu
When they sang this song in PBN 73 (The Best Of Song Ca) I was not a fan of both singer and its hysterical how I’m such a big fan of both of them now. After listening to this song I felt foolish for not being a fan because of how great they sounded together.

10. Mai Xa Nhau –
Great lyrics, music and voice that’s all I can say about this song. I think this is one of her solo song in this CD as well as performance. The song makes her voice sound brilliant and sexy.

11. Tieng Duong Cam –
Not one of my favorite songs of the CD; it was just bland and her voice didn’t stand out much.

12. Uoc Mot Ngay –
I was expecting for the main song of the album to be the best or one of the best song of the CD, but I was eminently disappointed because the song was just plain boring.

13. Words Get In the Way –
Why did she sing this song? It doesn’t flatter her voice yet make it sound amateur.

14. Sweet Dreams – ft. Adam Ho
Cheap rock music!

15. Like The Birds –
She sounded great in PBN 77 (30 Nam Vien Xu) and she sounded even better on this CD. One of my favorite English performance by Van Quynh.


I thought that this CD was exceptionally good because this is Van Quynh’s first CD. Some songs were splendid and amazing to listen to; the only problem about this CD was that Van Quynh tries so much to not be herself. All the songs choice that was not already performed on PBN was not her style and it made her sound wickedly pitchy. However, I would still recommend it if you are a big Van Quynh’s fan.

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